First a small lyrical part (which you can skip):

I was inspired to create this mod (not exhaustive and not complete) guide on the skills of the captain.

I am an average player and rarely understand all the details of the game mechanics. I try to study mechanics, read guides, watch streams, but my head a limited volume)) and I want to have a guide at hand, in the game. I prefer to spend more time in battle, not port.

The mod is named after the single "Help!" of The Beatles.

Disclaimer: I did not do such a terrible interface in this way since 1990)) The explanation is simple - this is the first program on a flash in my life.

This is how the main menu of the mod in the port looks (Yes, is the small menu in the center, at the top of the screen):

Press "h" button and it will appear.

Navigation is carried out with the help of the number keys or the mouse.

Press "1" and we get into the next level menu:

Press "3" - Cruiser, and the signal flags vital for the cruiser are surrounded by ugly red circles:

Put them onto the ship and go to the battle))

To dismiss the mod menu press "h" one more time.

Similarly, we get hints for the skills of the captain:

Аigures indicate the order of study. A comma means alternatives, and some notes in the brackets are there.

Mod does not care where to draw its red marks, in the port or on the boxes screen or in the player profile.

This is your choice))

The only screen where it is not shown is the battle.

How to install:

1) Download .zip and put it into the folder <Game folder>\res_mods

2) Open the archive in Explorer and press the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select "Copy".

3) Go back to the <Game folder>\res_mods, click the right mouse button and click "Paste." (If you are prompted to replace the files, then agree)

4) Make sure that everything is done right: open the folder <Game folder>\res_mods\<Game version>\PnFMods\HelpMe, there will be some files))

Fair Winds and Following Seas!