I was inspired by the topic on RU forum which explains game economics: Изменения экономики. До и после 0.5.12

The mod looks like this (on the right from the clock):

In the battle:

In the results:

What it counts:

  • Main caliber damage, secondary, torpedoes and bombs
  • One taken down plane is 1/30
  • A frag/kill = 1/5
  • A cap = 1/3
  • Scouting = 1/120

What it does not count:

  • Damage made by fire
  • Floodings
  • Ship tier difference
  • HP regeneration (real percent will be a bit less)
  • Potential damage
  • Damage by your scouting
  • Nonlinearness in award summing
  • A part of a cap
  • Lowered cap in Epicenter mode
  • Cap defence
  • Cap block

If a damage made to the ship which is invisuble at the moment.

How to install:

Dowload .zip file and unpack into the folder <Game folder>\res_mods

Fair Winds and Following Seas!