Version history


  • Added the option to open a folder in Explorer in the xlsx export dialog.
  • In the program settings, in the auto actions, the option to start the export to xlsx has been added.
  • The search for replay files is now done not only in the replays directory, but also in all its subdirectories.
  • Added ships, achievements, etc. from version 0.7.12pt.
  • Updated server statistics for ships.


  • Added ships, achievements, etc. from the game version 0.7.11.
  • Added support for editing settings for the maximum number of replays.
  • Added support for analyzing replays version 0.7.11.


  • Replay analysis: added extraction and display of commander skills.
  • Added the ability to filter loot by the date it was received.
  • Fixed display of player statistics with a closed profile.

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