Version history


  • Export: added the export of achievements.
  • Error dialog: added the ability to continue to use the program and send error report.
  • Quick Report: Fixed displaying of decimal points of winrate.
  • Synchronization: Synchronization of replay files analysis results has been added.


  • Analysis of replays: added consumables cost. If available, it will affect the columns of costs and net income.
  • Loot: added support for tasks.
  • Containers: new types of Steam and Vive laFrance added.
  • Changed the link to the topic of the application on the forum


  • Updating ships, collections and camouflage from the game version 0.7.1.
  • Columns for the fifth element are added to the container list.
  • Quick Report: winrate is now displayed as a percentage.
  • Quick report: the maximum and minimum values, as well as the amounts are displayed as integers.
  • Quick report: added premium ship columns and premium account.

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