Version history


  • Added confirmation dialog for the replays upload (it can be disabled in the settings).
  • Added columns: distance traveled and karma.


  • Now the activity of the player statistics display buttons depends on the battle realm.
  • Added PayPal and Yandex.Wallet buttons for those who want to support the author of the program.
  • Server ship statistics updated.
  • Updated the database of ships and camouflages from the version of the game 0.6.5.


  • Improved logs parsing.
  • A button for displaying the player's statistics on the ship is added to the tab with detailed battle information.
  • Added a button "Patreon" for those who want to support the developer.
  • The free experience gained was removed from the battle filter.
  • Fixed error of exporting columns "Prem ship" and "Prem. acc".
  • Fixed a bug in the export of the team setup when the "Export battles missing details too" checkbox is unchecked.
  • Changed the display of the team setup.

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