Version history


  • Battles list: added a column with the number of stars received in operations.
  • The game update
  • Containers: added coal.
  • The quick report is now updated when the auto-actions are enabled.
  • Fixed a bug showing hidden battles.


  • Server ship statistics updated.
  • The replays files are now sorted by the time encoded in their name.
  • The game update
  • Analysis of replays: fixed the error that occurred when parsing messages in a battle chat.
  • Fixed a bug with the cost of the battle when the results of three or more battles come at a time.
  • Fixed error parsing old logs.


  • Battle list: added potential damage and spotting damage.
  • Battle list: added the credits received for a battle the costs for signal flags and camouflage.
  • Battle list: Fixed bug with displaying ships distribution by classes.
  • The display of detailed information about a battle has been reworked.
  • Improved algorithm for pairing the replay file and the specific battle.
  • Fixed error parsing log files version
  • The error of trying to start a replay from a folder in which there is no game has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug with parsing some replay files.
  • Improved cache algorithm and performance.

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