Version history


  • Added columns: repair cost, shell cost and profit.
  • Added the ability to hide some battles (Trash).
  • The button opening in the browser forum topic now supports three regions: eu, na and ru.
  • Fixed application hangup when the installation cancelled after the update was launched.
  • Fixed bug with stopping exports on some battles.
  • Server statistics updated (for ships).


  • Now you can publish replays on in one click.
  • The log parsing algorithm has been significantly improved.
  • Added achievements. While only displayed in the detailed information.
  • To the battle list added a column showing the premium account.
  • In the log view, the font is improved and the error of spontaneous scrolling is fixed.
  • The .msi installer offers installation into the previously selected directory.
  • Added support for mod with login to different servers in one client.
  • Added support of introductory mission.
  • Fixed displaying of player statistics in with zero or one fight.
  • Server ship statistics updated to date 2017-04-06. Now it shows different stats for different realms.
  • Updated database of ships, achievements and upgrades.


  • Added sync/copy feature.
  • To the battles list added column which displays if ship is premium or not.
  • Added log file view.
  • Wiki and forum links are localized.
  • Text messages, ships database and serverside ships statistics are updated.

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