Version history


  • Fixed a performance bug and log file tracking when auto-actions were enabled.
  • Added a premium box type from the American arch.


  • Analysis of replays: for version> = 0.7.5 Added counter of spotted ships.
  • Analysis of replays: fixed a bug of consumables extraction from the replays.
  • Updated some files from the game version


  • Fixed a bug that occurred after the second monitor was turned off.
  • Added team setup extraction from the replays for logs version 0.7.5.
  • Battle list: added a column of used camouflage and its cost in credits.
  • Battle list: added a column of used signal flags and their cost in credits.
  • Battle list: the cost of camouflage and flags are now included in the cost per battle.
  • Added ships and permofiages from the version of the game 0.7.5pt (second stage).

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